Cinema Therapy Podcast
Cinema Therapy Podcast
An experimental podcast that gets you to think deeply about films you might not like.


"The Bet"

What is Cinema Therapy? Learn what makes this podcast different from others you've heard.

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Session 1

"Reality Matters"

Just another summer blockbuster or a timeless masterpiece? Learn what makes Inception (2009) divisive & why you should join the conversation.


session 2

destruction, &

Why do we love/hate art films? Learn what makes Melancholia (2011) the most divisive film of-all-time & how divisive films can help define you.


session 3

"Allegories Forbidden"

Do film allegories make you vomit? Then break out your wax-lined airplane bags for the film that inspired this podcast. Learn what makes Mother! (2017) so divisive amongst EVERYONE & how allegories are a secret key to understanding a plethora divisive movies.


session 4


Stories within stories. Fiction becoming reality. Is it pretentious, self-indulgent, and/or a masterpiece?  Learn why Synecdoche, New York (2008) polarized critics & how it "whittles our world down to a more manageable size".


Session 5  "Jingo Unchained"

Session 6  "Man & Feminism"

Session 7  "Popping Skin"

Session 8  "Death of the Dramatic Unities"

Session 9  "Ultimate Cult Revival"

Session 10  "Rise of the Neocritic"

Epilogue  "Next?"

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